Just Live CBD Review-Athlete’s Recovery and Performance

Just Live CBD Review-Athlete’s Recovery and Performance



In general, we are very impressed with these products and companies. We tried topical products, roller balls, tinctures and gel caps. We did not try CBD gummies, but we think they provide the same high quality and potency as the CBD products reviewed here. The packaging of the product looks sharp and looks high quality. All products are 100% THC free.

We found the site easy to navigate. You can browse products by product type or helpful benefits. So if you are specifically looking for tinctures or other specific product types, or if you are specifically looking for pre-workout or post-workout products, health products or sleep enhancers, you can quickly find these product lines without having to scroll through all the products.

The website also contains some useful information, such as the working principle of CBD, some great infographics, and explanations of various types of products such as CBD isolates and broad-spectrum CBD products.

Just Live offers a no-issue return policy. If the customer who purchased the product for the first time is not satisfied with the product, a full refund (not including shipping) can be made within 30 days after delivery. In addition, any unused/unopened product can be returned within 30 days.

Just live provides 20% for the military, emergency personnel (police, fire, EMT), healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and other medical staff), teachers, students, senior citizens, union members, low-income and unemployed people, and real estate Discounts for professionals and others. They also provide discounts for non-profit organizations and government agencies.Customers can find more information and apply for these discounts Here.


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