The Top 4 Most Catastrophic Fireworks Injuries

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Independence Day is quickly approaching, which means many people will be celebrating with fireworks. Whether you plan on attending a professional, orchestrated display or setting off one of your own, it’s important to keep safety in mind as you share the 4th with friends and loved ones.

Fireworks for home use are illegal in Pennsylvania unless you have a permit. Having a permit does not make them any less dangerous and they can cause catastrophic injuries when handled by amateurs. It is strongly recommended that you satisfy your need to experience first-hand the wondrous joy and spectacle that a fireworks display creates by attending your local professionally produced event to celebrate our Nation’s birthday.

If you have been injured in a fireworks-related accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, when someone else is at fault. Contact a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

1.   Amputations

Each Independence Day, the media reports several stories of people suffering serious hand and arm injuries due to fireworks.

Amputations are life-changing injuries that can stop you from working and enjoying life. In a case in California, a man setting off fireworks in his driveway at home lost three fingers on his left hand, as well as his entire right hand, when the mortar type munition exploded as he held it to light it. After the accident, he was forced to quit his job as a construction worker.

2.   Decapitations

Obviously, a decapitation is a horrific accident that leaves a family grieving. For one North Dakota family, a defective firework caused a loved one to die tragically. The firework detonated prematurely, resulting in his decapitation.

3.   Eye Injuries

Innocent spectators have been blinded in fireworks-related accidents. In a 2012 case in England, a boy was blinded when a man tossed a firework at him in a planned attack.

4.   Burns

Fireworks are often unpredictable. They don’t always light up when they are supposed to, which can lead to serious burn injuries. In an Ohio case in 2013, a man was seriously injured when the bag of fireworks he was carrying exploded.

In that case, the fireworks were actually produced by a private individual in a residential neighborhood. According to investigators who worked on the case, the fireworks were actually the chemical equivalent of dynamite. Cases like this demonstrate why it’s important to leave the fireworks displays to professionals that acquire their fireworks from a licensed, reputable fireworks dealer.

Accidents at Public Fireworks Displays

Fireworks-related injuries can also occur at official fireworks productions. In 2013, dozens of children and adults were injured when a planned fireworks display detonated ahead of schedule. Several fireworks tipped over as they lit prematurely, knocking into others and creating a domino effect of unplanned explosions. People in the crowd panicked, causing several spectators to suffer trampling injuries.  

Celebrate Safely

Fireworks reach the peak of their popularity over the 4th of July holiday. It’s no surprise, then, that fireworks-related injuries also increase during this time.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that approximately 230 people are hurt by fireworks in the days leading up to the 4th of July. Burns make up about half of all fireworks injuries; however, other common injuries include hearing loss and blindness.

Most fireworks-related injuries are completely avoidable. The majority of fireworks accidents happen because people use them improperly. Other injuries occur because people mix fireworks with alcohol consumption. Tragically, many fireworks injuries also involve children. According to the CPSC, 20 percent of fireworks injuries are caused by sparklers, which are a favorite with kids.

Put Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers to Work for You

Fireworks are fun, but they are not without significant risks. Used improperly, they can result in devastating injuries. If you have been hurt in a fireworks accident, or you have suffered any other kind of injury due to a summertime activity, you need an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

Call Philadelphia’s premier personal injury lawyers at 888-373-4LAW. The injury lawyers at Rand Spear are here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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