Landmark Huntington’s drug trial begins

10/29/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

U.S. – The first drug with the potential to correct a defect that causes Huntington’s disease is now being tested. As reported by BBC News, the landmark study is being led by doctors at the University College London.


The Huntington's Disease Association has regarded the trial as “very exciting.” As noted in the BBC report, current medication provides treatment for the symptoms of Huntington’s, but does or prevent or slow progression of damage to the brain.


With the disease, the brain produces a mutant protein that destroys brain cells. With progression of it, patients experience changes in behavior and cognitive functioning, and life expectancy after a diagnosis can be limited to 10 years.


Cath Stanley, the chief executive of the Huntington's Disease Association, is quoted a stating of the current study of the drug, which was developed by ISIS-pharmaceuticals. “There's a lot of different trials and avenues of research, but this is the most exciting… This is the first, potential, major breakthrough in terms of delaying symptoms of Huntington's disease, it's such an exciting step forward.”


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