Johnson & Johnson defeats lawsuit over Tylenol liver damage claims

10/29/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

New Jersey – Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has defeated a lawsuit involving claims that the company did not design its Tylenol pain reliever properly. Bloomberg Business reported that the lawsuit against the drug manufacturer was the first to go to trial over a proposed link between the pain medication and liver damage.


Jurors in the case concluded that the plaintiff, Regina Jackson, 55, failed to provide sufficient proof to substantiate her case. Jackson claimed to have inadvertently overdosed on the over-the-counter drug causing her to spend a week in the hospital.


The lawsuit alleged that the defect of the dosage recommended does not provide a sufficient safety margin to protect those who use it from overdosing. The jury ruled that Jackson could not provide proof that she had taken Extra Strength Tylenol.


Johnson & Johnson is reportedly facing approximately 220 similar lawsuits in Philadelphia and New Jersey.


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Source: Bloomberg Business News Story



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