Dodgy electrical cabling can lead to lawsuits if recall ignored

10/22/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

U.S. – Reports say homeowners with dodgy electrical cabling installed in their homes that have yet to remove them as prompted by a national recall could be denied their insurance coverage in the event of a related fire. As reported by the Northern Star, Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O'Connor has said that a number of homeowners who are reportedly failing to take the action after having been made aware of the potential dangers linked to the Infinity electrical cables are putting their insurance policies in jeopardy.


O’Connor cited reports asserting that over 40,000 homes and businesses had the cable installed, saying “There's a suspicion that quite a few people may have done their own DIY cabling, which is illegal unless you are a licensed electrician” and that “The ACCC is reportedly quoting a big cable supplier as saying one in five people with the cable are refusing to let anyone come and replace it.”


The Director of Brisbane law firm Bennett & Philp Lawyers and compensation law expert further said of other legal issues concerning the product recall “If dodgy cable was bought and installed by electricians then the electrician is liable, even if the electrician did not know about flaws in the product.”


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Source: Northern Star News Story


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