Couple accused of stealing, selling recalled drugs on eBay

10/13/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Virginia – A federal lawsuit has been filed against a Virginia couple accused of stealing recalled drugs and selling them on eBay. The Associated Press reported that the lawsuit was filed by a pharmaceutical company alleging a former executive and his wife took 1,766 recalled bottles of the Anatabloc supplement that were contained in a storage facility. The couple then allegedly sold the products for personal profit.

According to a Richmond Times-Dispatch report, the civil lawsuit was filed by Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals asserting that all of the bottles recalled from GNC stores throughout the U.S. disappeared from a facility where they had been stockpiled.

According to the suit, more than 700 bottles of the product had been sold by former Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals employee Howard Jones and his wife, Stacey.

The lawsuit is seeking $176,582.34 in damages.

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