Irving woman says she was robbed by ‘Good Samaritan’ after wreck

10/01/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Irving, TX – A woman claims she was robbed after being involved in a car accident in Irving by a man posing as a Good Samaritan. CBS 19 reports the woman was involved in a weekend rollover accident after a car cut her off on Highway 114. The issue caused her to swerve resulting in her vehicle flipping 3 times before landing.

The woman, Kimberly Smith, said of the crash “It's a miracle really that I'm alive and that I was able to walk away from it.

Smith further stated of being approached by the man afterward “I was crawling out of my car, and at that point he was walking up and asking if I was OK and asking if I needed help.”

Smith says that after asking the man to call 911, he looked for her phone and found her purse. He then allegedly said that he was going to look in his vehicle for his phone and left after having taken her wallet, which contained her driver’s license, social security card, and $80.

“It's more disheartening… It's really sad that it has gotten to that point where people just don't want to stop and help anymore” Smith said of the incident.

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Source: CBS 19 News Story

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