What Should a Physician Assistant Consider Before Joining a Practice?

09/27/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Dallas employment law attorney Keith Clouse represents individuals employed in the medical field. He suggests that a physician assistant consider the following issues when contemplating a job opportunity:

  • Responsibilities (type of practice; primary job duties; common patient concerns);
  • Reputation of physicians and facility (pending litigation; prominence in field; relationships with other physicians and facilities);
  • Work load (hours of work; on-call obligations; flexibility of schedule; holiday/weekend work; hospital responsibilities);
  • Professional relationship (physician’s expectations; supervision; availability of physician to answer questions);
  • Malpractice insurance (type and limits of policy; term of policy; physician’s own policy);
  • Compensation and benefits (structure of compensation arrangement; incentive compensation; health insurance; leave time; expenses for continuing education and professional memberships; certification expenses; retirement benefits; profit sharing; loan repayment);
  • Terms of contractual relationship (term of agreement or at-will status; termination provisions for each party); and
  • Restrictive covenants (non-compete or non-solicitation provisions).

As with any new employment relationship, a physician assistant may wish to hire employment law counsel to review a proposed agreement and to negotiate a better deal.

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