Google files lawsuit against SEO company over robocallers

Google files lawsuit against SEO company over robocallers


09/22/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

California – Google has taken legal action against a search engine optimization (SEO) company over robocalls that claim to be affiliated with the technology giant. VentureBeat reported that the lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California against Local Lighthouse Corp, which has operations based in Tustin, California.

Brad Wetherall, Google My Business operations manager, wrote in a recent blog post about the legal action, “Today we’re filing an action in California against one search engine optimization company for making these robocalls and confusing our users.”

The company said that hundreds of complaints have already been received this year from individuals claiming to have received automated calls from companies who say they have a connection with Google. Wetherall says Google users have been targeted by robocallers for years.

Wetherall further stated, “It’s unfortunate when a problem must be addressed in a court of law, but we believe this course of action will protect our users and discourage this practice more broadly.”

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