Lawsuit over cancer causing compound against steel company revived by court

09/08/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

Pennsylvania – A lawsuit over the supply of a raw component of a benzene containing solvent has been revived by the Federal District Court of Appeal. Met News reported that the lawsuit alleges that United States Steel Corporation’s actions of supplying the product led to an auto mechanic’s developing cancer.


David Johnson filed the lawsuit against U.S. Steel and other defendants in 2013 after receiving an acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis. The plaintiff alleged that the cancer was caused by being exposed to products that contained a cancer causing compound while working as a service station attendant or auto mechanic for several years.


U.S. Steel acknowledged that it had previously sold coal raffinate, which contains benzene, to Radiator Specialty Company, which formulates the solvent Liquid Wrench.


In his deposition, Johnson testified that he used the product on a regular basis.


The lawsuit is Johnson v. United States Steel Corporation.

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