Insurers seek to block expert testimony in asbestos suit

07/30/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

New York – Insurers and insulation contractors and distributors involved in an asbestos lawsuit are seeking to have testimony by the plaintiffs’ expert witness in the case blocked. Law360 reported that the companies recently filed a motion in Louisiana federal court to exclude causation testimony by a radiation oncologist seeking to testify on behalf of the family of a former shipyard worker who died of asbestos-related cancer.

The companies said in the filing, “The issue before this court is whether Dr. Kraus has the expertise as a radiation oncologist to assess the genesis of Mrs. Vedros’ mesothelioma with respect to her occupational exposure and para-occupational exposures to asbestos to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.”

Court documents allege that Sally Gros Vedros, who died in 2011 from mesothelioma, became ill as a result of repeated secondary exposure to asbestos dust from washing clothing of her father, also a shipyard worker, and direct exposure while working at the shipyard herself.

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