Florida sheriff stands by decision to charge teen in school hacking prank

04/15/2015 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash (Press Release) // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Florida – A sheriff in Florida is standing behind his controversial decision to charge a teenager who hacked into his school’s computer network with a felony. According to a report by WebProNews, the decision of Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco has been ridiculed by many on the Internet who view the 14-year-old’s act of changing a teacher’s background to an image of two men kissing as one that shouldn’t merit a felony charge.

Nocco has said that the charge is deemed a felony according to the state Legislature. He is quoted by the Tampa Bay Times as stating, “I think, unfortunately, when the story’s being told in other (publications), they’re not talking about the fact that he committed this crime previously.”

The sheriff suggested that those who do not agree with the law write to lawmakers if they want it changed.

Many people have since posted comments on the Pasco County Sheriff’s Facebook page, with one person writing, “What has become of our society when felony charges are given for a harmless prank? We don’t live in the realm of “what if”. “who knows what this teenager MIGHT have done” -Sheriff Chris Nocco. I sincerely hope that this gets laughed out of court.”

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