Google provides new structured data tool for webmasters

01/16/2015 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

California – Search giant Google recently announced that it would be giving webmasters a new structured data tool, providing support for markup in the JSON-LD syntax. As reported by WebProNews, the company says that with the tool, webmasters will have a better view of how Google interprets their content.

Google is quoted as stating in a blog post about the new tool, “We’ve clarified our documentation for the vocabulary supported in structured data based on webmasters’ feedback…The new documentation explains the markup you need to add to enable different search features for your content, along with code examples in the supported syntaxes. We’ll be retiring the old documentation soon.”

Google previously made an announcement that markup could be used for the addition of social profile links to the Knowledge Graph.

The company also recently updated guidelines for Google features supported by structured data as stated on its blog.

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