Involuntary eye movements may be sign of ADHD

08/20/2014 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

U.S. – New research suggests that involuntary eye movements may be an indication that a person has ADHD. As reported by PsychCentral, a Tel Aviv University study found that tracking eye movements may be used to diagnose the condition as well as understand the benefits provided by stimulant medications used in treating it.

As noted in the report, ADHD is commonly diagnosed and misdiagnosed in children in the United States. The disorder is typically diagnosed by an assessment of a patient’s medical and social history, symptoms, and behavior. A reliable physiological marker has yet to be determined for diagnosing ADHD.

Moshe Fried, Ph.D., who suggests that tracking eye movement may “constitute a sound physiological marker of ADHD” is quoted as stating of the research, “We had two objectives going into this research… The first was to provide a new diagnostic tool for ADHD, and the second was to test whether ADHD medication really works — and we found that it does.” Fried himself has been diagnosed with ADHD.

The study has been published in Vision Research.

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