Man wins apology from police following arrest, video dispute

06/18/2014 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Missouri – A Missouri man who was ordered by police to remove a video he posted online showing his run in with them has settled a lawsuit he brought against an officer. As reported by Reuters, the man, Jordan Klaffer, also won a written apology from the local police chief, whom the suit was filed against.

The suit was filed following an incident last year in which Klaffer was target shooting at his mother’s home. Police Chief Jerry Bledsoe was called to the home following a noise complaint.

Klaffer videoed the incident during which Bledsoe was arrested for disturbing the police after refusing to surrender his guns at the officer’s request. The recording was posted on multiple social media sites, and removed after Bledsoe obtained a court order to take them off.

Klaffer argued in his lawsuit filed on his behalf by the ACLU that he had been harassed by Bledsoe for exercising his constitutional rights.

Jeffrey Mittman, director of the ACLU of Missouri, is quoted as stating of the outcome, “This is an important win for First Amendment freedoms…It is a reminder for all police departments that citizens have a right to record public interactions with police officers and share those recordings freely.”

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