N.C. NAACP seeks election schedule change, threatens legal action

01/16/2014 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

North Carolina – The North Carolina NAACP has indirectly threatened to take legal action if the state’s governor fails to comply with a request to change the special election schedule in the 12th Congressional District. As reported by The Charlotte Observer, NAACP leaders have urged Gov. Pat McCrory to reconsider the schedule, which would reportedly coincide with the state’s regularly scheduled elections.

NAACP attorney Irving Joyner is quoted in the report as stating that any lawsuit, “depends on the governor’s actions.”

Joyner is further quoted as saying during a conference call with reporters, “If the governor relents, (it’s) not likely…If not, it is highly likely in the short order.”

McCrory has stated that the schedule would save an estimated $1 million for election boards and eliminate voter confusion.

A spokesman for McCrory, Ryan Tronovitch, is quoted as stating in dismissal of the implied legal threats by the NAACP, “Rev. Barber’s continued litigation games both mislead the public and waste needed taxpayer dollars for education and other priorities…These PR stunts have gotten to the point of being ridiculous and should no longer be taken seriously.”

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