Georgia couple finds racial slur written on valet ticket

01/04/2014 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Georgia – A Georgia couple has expressed outrage over finding a racial slur written on their valet ticket after dining at a restaurant. As reported by ABC News, Candea and Sam Aaron, who are an interracial couple, say that the valet tag placed on their key chain had the words “jungle fever” written on it when their keys were returned to them. The term is used to reference interracial couples in a derogatory way.

The couple reported the incident to the restaurant and the valet company. The restaurant, Spondivits, contracts the services of APS Valet. Aaron said the owner of APS told her that the valet responsible for writing the words would be fired.

Spondivits’ chef and overseer Glenn Gagne is quoted as writing in a statement posted on Facebook about the incident, “Spondivits will not tolerate racial speak by employees or customers on our property. We are known for our racial diversity.

“This valet wrote an unacceptable description on this customer’s ticket, but it was not him trying to send a racist message to the customers… He just has poor taste and this cost him his job.”

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