Michigan man seeks $25 million reward over purported Bin Laden location tip

11/01/2013 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Michigan – A Michigan man is seeking to get the $25 million reward previously offered in the capture of Bin Laden claiming he tipped the FBI off to his location. As reported by Business Insider, 63-year-old Tom Lee hired a Chicago law firm to help him obtain the reward for the purported tip he gave the agency in 2003.

Lee is quoted in the report as stating, “It disturbs me, and it should disturb every American, that I told them exactly where bin Laden was in 2003, and they let him live another eight years.”

According to an AP report, a letter was sent to FBI Director James Comey in August from the Loevy & Loevy law firm in part reading, “Mr. Lee precisely identified the whereabouts of the most notorious terrorist of our era, a man responsible for the World Trade Center attacks, the most devastating act of terror committed on American soil, and numerous other assaults on Americans.”

Bin Laden was killed in 2011 by Navy SEALs at his compound.

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