Federal judge throws out Humane Society lawsuit over horsemeat production

11/01/2013 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

New Mexico – A federal judge threw out a lawsuit on Friday filed by animal rights groups including The Humane Society of the United States over the production of horsemeat for human consumption. As reported by The Christian Science Monitor, the groups alleged in the suit that there was a failure on the part of the Department of Agriculture to conduct proper environmental studies in issuing permits to horse slaughterhouses including Valley Meat Co.

The controversy over domestic horse slaughter in the US has reportedly divided horse rescue groups, ranchers, politicians and others. Congress banned the practice of horse slaughter in 2006 with the elimination of funding for inspections at plants. The funding was restored in 2011.

Blair Dunn, the attorney for Valley Meat owner Rick De Los Santos, is quoted in the report as stating of the court’s recent ruling, “I thought the court was headed in a different direction on this since…I am very, very happy to be wrong.”

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