Larry Flynt not in favor of the execution of his shooter

10/18/2013 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash (Press Release) // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Georgia – Porn publisher Larry Flynt recently wrote an essay expressing his views on the pending execution of the man who shot and paralyzed him. As reported by ABC News, Flynt wrote in the essay published in the Hollywood Reporter, “I do not want to see him die.”

Flynt was shot by Joseph Paul Franklin 35 years ago. He was shot on the steps of a Georgia courthouse while fighting obscenity charges and has since been confined to a wheelchair.

Franklin, a white supremacist, confessed to shooting Flynt years later after being arrested in the shooting of an interracial couple. He purportedly shot Flynt because of an article in his magazine, which Franklin deemed a promotion interracial couples.

Flynt is quoted as writing in his essay, “As I see it… the sole motivating factor behind the death penalty is vengeance, not justice, and I firmly believe that a government that forbids killing among its citizens should not be in the business of killing people itself.”

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