#VaginalMesh Causes Debilitating Pain Among Women says #DrGregVigna

10/07/2013 // Vaginal Mesh Website (Press Release) // Life Care Solutions Group // (press release)

Thousands of women who have suffered with conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence agreed to transvaginal mesh implant surgery believing it would help their condition improve. Sadly, for a significant number of these women, the surgery not only failed to yield this result, but also led to even more serious health complications.

The vaginal mesh or sling device was once widely viewed as a viable treatment option for patients with POP or SUI. Since information was released by the FDA regarding the health risks associated with the medical device, first in 2008, and again in 2011, more women have come forward about the medical challenges they have faced since having mesh implant surgery.

Among the most commonly reported problem linked to failed mesh surgery is debilitating pain that has had a major impact on the quality of life for sufferers. Other issues include:

Mesh erosion

• Pain during sexual intercourse

• Bleeding

• Urinary incontinence

• Organ perforation

Many women who have been injured by the mesh device have required additional surgeries to remove an eroded mesh, which in many cases cannot be done in just one surgery. The cycle of enduring debilitating pain has been unyielding for a number of female patients; whether it’s due to undergoing multiple surgeries or dealing with pain as a symptom of implant failure.

There is help available for women who have experienced TVM failure and need guidance to assess their medical and legal options. The Life Care Solutions Group can offer this type of support to women who have serious TVM concerns. Individuals with transvaginal mesh related medical or legal questions can contact the group today for a free case review.

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