Microsoft says Xbox worth more than PS4

09/01/2013 // West Palm Beach , Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

California – Technology giant Microsoft says its Xbox is worth more than Sony’s PlayStation 4. As reported by Forbes, the Xbox One is set to retail for $499 while the PS4 will be priced at $399. Microsoft senior director of product planning and management at Xbox, Albert Penello recently discussed the cost difference, saying the Xbox had added value.

Penello is quoted in the report as stating, “I think we do more. I think our games are better. I think as people start to experience Kinect and see what it can do using voice, I think that’s better… I think the ability to have an all-in-one system where you can plug in the TV, that’s better. I think we’ll have a better online service.”

Penello is further quoted as adding, “I just believe that we’re going to have a better system.”

According to some reports, the Xbox is expected to launch in November.

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