Lawsuit filed against News Corp over “I will destroy you” comment

06/11/2013 // West Palm Beach , Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

New York – A lawsuit has been filed against News Corp over a remark made several years ago by former New York Post publisher and current News America Marketing CEO, Paul Carlucci. As reported by Reuters, Carlucci’s comment “I will destroy you” in a meeting 14 years ago, and other actions since have purportedly cost the corporation $655 million in legal fees, which includes settlement for a string of lawsuits by grocery and supermarket coupon businesses.

Retirement provider, the Iron Workers Mid-South Pension Fund, is alleging in the suit that the ongoing legal actions have damaged its stockholding in News Corp.

The complaint is quoted by Reuters as stating, “Defendant Carlucci made no secret that defendant R. Murdoch was personally instructing him to go after News America’s competitors… In fact, according to the founders of Floorgraphics, George and Richard Rebh, defendant Carlucci once told them, ‘I will destroy you. I work for a man who wants it all, and doesn’t understand anybody telling him he can’t have it all.’ The ‘man’ defendant Carlucci was referring to, of course, was defendant R. Murdoch.”

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