Woman who won groundbreaking prenup battle accused of affair

04/02/2013 // West Palm Beach , Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Long Island, New York – A family member is accusing the woman whose landmark prenup battle win made headlines last month of having an affair. As reported by ABC News, the cousin of Elizabeth Petrakis is alleging it was Petrakis’ infidelity, not her estranged husband’s that ended their marriage.

A court ruled in February in favor of Petrakis, determining that her husband Peter Petrakis “fraudulently induced” her to sign a prenuptial agreement with a verbal promise.

Alisa Houraney, the cousin of Elizabeth Petrakis, has now gone public with claims that Elizabeth was having an affair with her former husband, a man Houraney says she set him up with and was the best friend of her cousin’s husband.

Houraney is quoted in the report as stating of making the claims public, “I just feel that, somebody like that, people need to know the truth… She says her husband is a good guy and he’s a good person. He treated her like a princess, never was mean to her, never cheated on her. I don’t understand why she’s saying, ‘poor victim’ when you had a good life and you have to destroy two families.”

An attorney for Elizabeth Petrakis says the cousin’s comments are not expected to affect the outcome of the prenup case.

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