NYPD, Microsoft collaborate on new technology

02/20/2013 // West Palm Beach , Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

New York – The New York Police Department and Microsoft have developed a new technology for helping the department fight crime. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the collaborative project is for a dashboard that provides instant access to an interactive map or virtual security canvas of an area where a crime or potential threat against the city has been reported.

The dashboard, or the Domain Awareness System, mines surveillance tools to provide convenient access to data. It has reportedly been in use for approximately a year.

As noted in the report, the NYPD could profit tens of millions of dollars for the project if a deal is reached with Microsoft for the sale of the system to other agencies worldwide.

Jessica Tisch, director of planning and policy for the counterterrorism unit, is quoted by the AP as stating of the project, “It was created by cops for cops…We thought a lot about what information we want up close and personal, and what needs to be a click away. It’s all baked in there.”

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