Ticket dismissed in toddler public potty case

11/09/2012 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Piedmont, OK – A ticket issued to a mother after her three-year-old son urinated outside of her home has been dismissed. As reported by ABC News, Jennifer Warden, whose daughter Ashley was issued a $2,500 ticket for public urination after her son relieved himself in their driveway, received an apology from the department police chief after the incident sparked public outrage.

Warden is quoted in the report as stating of the officer who issued the ticket, “He came over and said, ‘Give me your ID…I just stood there a minute, and then I asked him why did he need my ID and he said, ‘Public urination.”

Warden and her daughter issued a complaint to the Piedmont Police Department regarding the ticket and the actions of the officer, who has been identified as Officer Ken Qualls.

Warden is quoted as stating days after the incident, “Yesterday the police chief [Piedmont Police Chief Alex Oblein] stopped by and apologized and said that they were dropping the charges…We told him we appreciated him coming and for all his help. He didn’t have to come by the house. That was nice of him to do that.”

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