Hurricane Sandy Approaches New York: How Individuals Can Stay Protected

10/29/2012 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNewsFlash // Justice News Flash // (press release)

(New York Injury Lawyer Report) – As Hurricane Sandy makes its way to the East Coast, many warnings have been issued by government officials with regards to what individuals should do to remain as safe as possible in the event that they are in the path of the storm. New York officials recently announced impending closings of subways and other entities in anticipation of inclement weather and the U.S. president has also commented to news outlets on actions expected to be taken by the administration to provide a prompt response when the storm hits the area.

Although the unpredictable destruction of hurricanes is not something that individuals can fully prepare for, or prevent, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risks of serious damage or injury in these types of storms. The following are five actions individuals can take to help them stay protected:

• Remove unsecured objects from the path of strong winds – Loose objects outside may easily get picked up by strong winds and tossed and cause damage to people or property in the event that anything is in their path. Loose tree branches should also be removed when possible.

• Prepare for power shortages – Power outages often occur in these types of storms, and therefore having battery operated items on hand or generators are typically recommended for the safety of individuals who live in a storm’s path.

• Follow evacuation recommendations – In the event that a safety evacuation is warranted, it may be a life-saving decision to seek shelter outside of the storm’s path in the event that this is possible.

• Secure important items – Important documents and other non-replaceable items should be secured safely whenever possible prior to an oncoming hurricane.

• Remove gutter debris – Gutter debris can lead to drainage problems that can cause flooding or water damage in certain areas of one’s home.

Individuals may benefit from preparing a safety plan to understand what safety precautions they can take in the event of a hurricane. Also staying attuned to weather notifications and official announcements can go a long way in ensuring one’s safety.

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