Couple deals with multiple crashes into home

05/17/2012 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // justicenews // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Pennsylvania – A couple in Pennsylvania recently experienced another car crash into their home after dealing with multiple crashes of the same kind in a relatively short period of time prior. As reported by ABC News, a vehicle crash on Tuesday into the home of Sonya and Wade Schenewolf, of Easton, Penn. has been the fourth to occur at their residence within the past several months.

Sonya Schenewolf is quoted by ABC News as stating after the most recent accident, “My house got hit in December, my house got hit in March and my house got hit in May… And a year before that, my car and my garage got hit.”

Schenewolf is further quoted as stating, “This is a 30 miles per hour zone. We do live on a curve and our house is close to the road, but, recently, the township put in a two-lane bridge directly across from my house… If you come across that bridge and you don’t stop, you’re in my house.”

The driver in the crash was reportedly speeding prior to the accident. He was hospitalized for related injuries, but is expected to fully recover, according to Schenewolf, as noted in the report.

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