Court reverses judgment against automaker

Court reverses judgment against automaker


05/06/2012 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // justicenews // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Ohio – A massive judgment against Ford Motor Co has been reversed by an appeals court. As reported by Reuters, the Ohio Court of Appeals ordered a new trial and decided to reverse a $2 billion judgment that had been rendered on behalf of a group of discontented dealers who claimed they had been overcharged for commercial trucks over an extended period of time.

The court is quoted in the report as stating in the decision, “We hold that the trial court abused its discretion in excluding Ford’s mitigating evidence at the damages trial.”

Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans is further quoted as stating of the matter, “We look forward to trying the case before a jury that will now consider all the evidence that was improperly excluded during the first trial.”

Ford is the second largest automaker in the U.S.

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