Sushi linked salmonella outbreak lawsuit filed against seafood importer

04/25/2012 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // justicenews // Justice News Flash

Cupertino, CA – A lawsuit has been filed against seafood importer Moon Marine U.S.A. Corp. on behalf of two women who claim they were sickened after eating at a sushi restaurant. As reported by, the lawsuit is the first linked to a salmonella outbreak in which 141 people in multiple states have purportedly been sickened.

As noted by, the lawsuit asserts two Wisconsin women were hospitalized after eating separately at the same restaurant due to salmonella poisoning.

Amy Karfonta, 22, is quoted in the report as stating of her symptoms, “I was just in complete body pain from head to toe and the next day I got bloody diarrhea. I couldn’t even drink water.”

Karfonta further says of her subsequent emergency room visits, “When they saw how bad my colon was ulcerated, they first thought it could have been Crohn’s disease, or something where I may have had to have my colon removed at 22.”

The lawsuit has been filed by the law firm of Simon & Luke, based in Houston, with co-counsel the Gomez Law Firm.

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