Palm Beach FL Criminal News: Polo Club founder arrested months after fatal crash

Palm Beach FL Criminal News: Polo Club founder arrested months after fatal crash


05/19/2010 // West Palm Beach, Florida, USA // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

West Palm Beach, FL—Founder of the Palm Beach International Polo Club, John Goodman, was arrested on Tuesday, May 18, 2010, in connection with a fatal February motor vehicle collision (MVC). The crash resulted in the death of a University of Central Florida (UCF) graduate. The victim’s parents subsequently filed a wrongful death lawsuit, which named Goodman, amongst others, as defendants, as reported by

According to information provided, Goodman failed to stop at a stop sign and consequently collided with 23-year-old Scott Wilson’s car on February 12. On impact, Wilson’s vehicle was sent careening into a canal in Wellington.

Wilson suffered fatal injuries in the wreck.

Goodman, on the other hand, fled the scene.

After the unfortunate accident occurred, Wilson’s parents filed suit against Goodman, the Players Club Bar and Restaurant and an alcohol vendor. The lawsuit alleges Goodman was at the Players Club prior to the accident. The Wilson’s contended employees were negligent by serving Goodman alcoholic beverages though he was clearly drunk. Witnesses at the Players Club noted Goodman was intoxicated enough to fall down at the Wellington bar.

Late Tuesday evening, months after the deadly accident occurred, U.S. marshals apprehended Goodman at the Four Seasons hotel in Miami. As of 6 a.m. Wednesday, Goodman was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, with his bail set at $100,000.

Goodman reportedly faces charges of DUI manslaughter and negligent vehicular homicide. Officials also reportedly ordered Goodman to give up his passport upon his arrest.

The case continues.

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