West Virginia Auto Accident – 2 injured after nine-car pileup on I-81

Legal News for West Virginia Auto Accident Attorneys. A wreck on Interstate-81 involving 9 vehicles, injured 2.

A wreck on Interstate-81 involving 9 vehicles, including four tractor-trailers, injured 2.

Martinsburg, WV— Two people were injured after a nine-car pileup that occurred on Sunday, December 13, 2009. It was stated that rain as well as icy roadways were most likely the cause of the multi-vehicle wreck, according to a report by www.journal-news.net. Of the nine vehicles involved, four were tractor-trailers traveling in both the north and southbound lanes. West Virginia State Police’s Martinsburg Detachment was allegedly notified of a motor vehicle collision (MVC) just south of the Spring Mills Exit at 6:12 a.m.

Based on information gathered from witnesses, drivers, and the conditions under which the crash occurred, it was reported that the incident was initiated when the driver of a Ford pickup truck lost control of his vehicle due to the icy pavement, causing the vehicle to roll over after driving off the edge of the west roadway. Two passenger vehicles and a tractor-trailer that were heading south on I-81 witnessed the first crash, causing the passenger cars to loose control of their own vehicles, subsequently both colliding with the tractor-trailer. One of the passenger vehicles then proceeded to rear-end another southbound tractor-trailer. If that wasn’t destructive enough, three more passenger vehicles became involved in the car pileup in the southbound lanes. More collisions as well as a pile-up involving two new tractor-trailers occurred when one of the tractor-trailers involved in the initial crash crossed the center median into northbound traffic.

Though no names are available, a man and a woman were transported by ambulance to City Hospital to be treated for their injuries by doctors and nurses. The injuries they acquired were not life threatening according to police officials. Police officials are allegedly still investigating the nine-vehicle pileup.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for West Virginia Auto Accident Lawyers.