Florida automobile accident- 15 Florida cheerleaders injured in van crash

Legal news for Florida automobile accident attorneys. A van blew out a tired and rolled over, injuring 16 people. Florida Highway Patrol alerts Florida automobile accident attorneys- A ford van crashed on their way home from a cheerleading competition. Tampa, FL—A van carrying 15 cheerleaders home from a cheerleading competition blew out a tire and […]

Ohio automobile accident lawyers – 18 students injured in Ohio school bus crash

Legal news for Ohio automobile accident attorneys. A school bus was rear-end by a car, which injured 18 students. Ohio automobile accident lawyers alerts- A Pontiac Vibe crashed into a school bus and injured 18 high school students. Warren, OH—At least seven ambulances transported 18 injured students to area hospitals after a car rear-ended the […]

Illinois automobile accident – 5-car crash injured six people in the South Side.

Legal news for Chicago Illinois automobile accident attorneys. A multiple-vehicle pile-up injured six people. Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Chicago automobile accident lawyers Illinois State Police alerts Illinois automobile accident lawyers- A 5-car crash injured six people in the South Side. Chicago, IL—An EMS Plan II was launched after a multiple vehicle pile-up […]

Hartford Courant accused of plagiarism

Legal news for Connecticut business litigation attorneys. The Hartford Courant is accused of copying articles from other newspapers. Connecticut business litigation attorney alerts- The Journal Inquirer filed a lawsuit against the Hartford Courant for plagiarism. Hartford, CT—The country’s oldest newspaper in continuous publication, the Hartford Courant, was accused of plagiarism in a recent lawsuit filed […]