Baghdad bombings killed 155 and injured 500 others

Baghdad bombings killed 155 and injured 500 others


Legal news for government attorneys. Baghdad bombing destroyed three buildings and killed nearly 155 people.

Government lawyers alerts- Governmental building bombings in Baghdad, Iraq left 155 people dead.

Baghdad, Iraq—A massive security failure in one of Baghdad’s safest areas left 155 people dead, and more than 500 people injured when two bomb-carrying trucks detonated. On Sunday, October 25, 2009, Baghdad experienced the worst attack in nearly two years, which destroyed the Ministry of Justice and the Baghdad Provincial Administration in the heart of Baghdad, as reported by The New York Times.

The first bomb nearly destroyed the Ministry Justice and the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, which is located across the street. One pickup truck carrying 2,205 pounds of explosives detonated near the Justice of Ministry, and the second truck targeting the Baghdad Provincial Administration was carrying 1,543 pounds of explosives, according to initial investigations. Apparently the bombs were fastened to the trucks and were hidden below the seats of the trucks. Officials believe the trucks some how passed through the security checkpoints in the area before arriving at the governmental buildings.

Tragically, 30 preschool children were among the victims killed by the bombings. The children were killed while at the Justice Ministry day care center. Reports indicated majority of the innocent children were playing in the day care center’s playground when they were killed. The blast was reportedly so intense it ripped down the protective blast walls around the area. Witnesses reported “there were children killed in swings, others who died right where they sat on the see-saws.”

At this time no one has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks, but officials believe the Sunni insurgents may have been involved. The Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani stated 76 suspects have since been incarcerated, but it is unknown how these people were involved or connected to the horrific bombings. Rescue teams are reportedly still combing the debris of the seven-story buildings for trapped or deceased victims.

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