Aviation accident – Two Afghan helicopter crashes killed 14 Americans

Legal news for aviation accident attorneys. Two unrelated helicopter crashes left several American soldiers and civilians dead. Aviation accident attorneys alerts- 14 American were killed in helicopter crashes in southern Afghanistan and western Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan—Monday proved to be one of the deadliest days for United States military forces in Afghanistan since the war began. […]

Baghdad bombings killed 155 and injured 500 others

Legal news for government attorneys. Baghdad bombing destroyed three buildings and killed nearly 155 people. Government lawyers alerts- Governmental building bombings in Baghdad, Iraq left 155 people dead. Baghdad, Iraq—A massive security failure in one of Baghdad’s safest areas left 155 people dead, and more than 500 people injured when two bomb-carrying trucks detonated. On […]

Colorado automobile accident crash – injured 2 CU-Boulder basketball players

Legal news for Colorado automobile accident attorneys. A two-vehicle wreck left two CU-Boulder women’s basketball players injured. Colorado automobile accident lawyers alerts-A CU-Boulder basketball player sustained a potential traumatic brain injury in car crash. Boulder, CO—Two women’s basketball players from the University of Colorado (CU-Boulder) are recovering after a two-vehicle crash. The motor vehicle collision […]

Wrong-way wreck killed two California women

Legal news for California automobile accident attorneys. A two-vehicle wrong-way crash killed three people and injured three others. California Highway Patrol alerts California auto accident attorneys- Wrong-way crash involving a Chevrolet Silverado and a Toyota Tundra killed two people. San Bernardino, CA—A wrong-way driver caused a two-vehicle collision, which left two women dead and three […]

Allan Ziffra Dog Bite Injury Attorney Report: Three Year Old Has To Be Air Lifted

/rueziffra.com/Allan Ziffra Dog Bite Injury Attorney A three year-old Gilchrist County resident was critically injured after he wandered into the reach of his family’s pit bull late afternoon on Thursday, October 1st. The dog, a 40+ pound male pit bull, was chained up in the yard at the time of the incident. After a family […]