Scottrade Center escalator injured 13 after Blues game

Scottrade Center escalator injured 13 after Blues game


Legal news for Missouri personal injury attorneys. Thirteen people were injured after a escalator malfunctioned at the Scottrade Center.

Missouri personal injury lawyers- Thirteen people were injured in a escalator malfunction after a St. Louis Blues game at the Scottrade Center.

St. Louis, MO—An escalator at the Scottrade Center malfunctioned as hundreds of people were trying to leave after a St. Louis Blues ice hockey game. The broken escalator injured thirteen people on Thursday night, October 8, 2009, near the Clark Street entrance of the area, as reported by

Adding insult to injury after St. Louis Blues lost to Atlanta Thrashers at home in a 4 to 2 score, the crowded down escalator at the Scottrade Center unexpectantly and suddenly gained speed, collapsed the front steps into one another, and then came to abrupt stop. The sudden malfunction launched Blues and Thrasher fans forward, causing numerous riders clothes and shoes to get lodged into the steps. One person reportedly suffered a foot injury as a result of the malfunction. Five injured fans were transported to local hospitals by area emergency medical services (EMS) crews for treatment. Eight others refused medical treatment for their injuries. It is currently unknown what caused the steps to buckle and collapse.

The owners of the St. Louis Blues Dave Checketts, Mike McCarthy and Kevin Munoz and Club President John Davidson reportedly visited the hospital treating the injured fans to check on them. An investigation is currently being conducted to determine what caused the escalator to malfunction.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Missouri personal injury lawyers.

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