New Jersey product liability lawyers news – Jaloma baby pacifiers choking hazard forces recall!

Jaloma brand baby pacifiers recalled by Gromex, a product maker located in New Jersey for high risk of aspiration hazard. The discovery of the choking risk by consumer safety experts forced the voluntary recall of the defective product manufactured by the Passaic company.

New Jersey product liability attorney news covering defective product recalls regarding defective baby pacifiers made by Gromex, Inc., located in Passaic.

Newark, NJ–Gromex Inc., has participated in a recall of approximately 700 units of Jaloma pacifiers. Gromex Inc. is headquartered in Passaic, New Jersey. The voluntary recall was issued after the company discovered the pacifiers posed a choking and aspiration hazard to small children. The mouth guards and ventilation holes of the pacifier are too small. The size does not meet federal safety standards. The voluntary recall was announced by safety regulators with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on July 7, 2009. The main duty of the CPSC is to protect consumers from unsafe consumer products.

The recalled Jaloma pacifiers have a round-shaped mouth guard and a ring-shaped handle. There are two ventilation holes on the mouth guard. The word “Jaloma” is marked on the mouth guard’s handle side. The pacifier’s nipple contains a gel-like liquid substance. The recalled pacifiers retailed for approximately $1 at retailers in New Jersey and New York. The products were available for sale from February 2008 to March 2009. No injuries or incidents related to the recalled items have been reported. The Passaic County firm urges consumers to stop giving the recalled pacifiers to children. A full refund or exchange is available at Gromex. Questions regarding the refund or recall can be directed to Gromex by phone at 973-458-9399. Consumers whose children have been injured due to the use of the recalled pacifiers may be entitled to compensation for their damages. Any incidents or injuries may be reported to the CPSC at their website

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