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Kansas delivery drivers sue Pizza Hut claiming franchise violated fair wage laws.

Kansas City, KS–Delivery drivers, employed by Pizza Hut, represented by employment law attorneys filed a lawsuit against the national pizza chain alleging unfair wage practices. The Pizza Hut delivery drivers assert they received income below the required federal minimum wage, as reported by The Kansas City Star.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Kansas City in May, states even though delivery drivers are paid hourly wages, the income doesn’t cover the cost of gas and usage of the employee’s vehicle to perform deliveries. The hourly wage does not cover work-related cell phone usage and buying and cleaning of worker’s uniforms Pizza Hut requires. The cost to employees to work at the Pizza Hut franchise causes employee wages to fall well below minimum wage. Pizza Hut has attempted to seek the dismissal of the unfair wages lawsuit, stating the company was operating within the laws and guidelines of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which permits a reasonable approximation of expenses.

Pizza Hut, which is owned by NPC International Inc., of Oakland Park, holds claim to the largest Pizza Hut franchise in the world. NPC manages 1,161 Pizza Hut restaurants in 28 states. In Colorado, similar lawsuits have been filed recently against another Pizza Hut franchisee, a Papa John’s franchisee, and Pizza Hut Inc. Domino’s Pizza in Minnesota and New York have been named in federal wage violations legal actions.

Legal news reports for Kansas employment law attorneys.

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