FDA recalls Solena Tortilla Chips!

FDA recalls Solena Tortilla Chips!


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Washington based La Mexicana recalls Solena Tortilla Chips.

Seattle, WA–FDA regulators and La Mexicana, Inc. have issued a recall of Solena Tortilla Chips on June 23, 2009. La Mexicana, Inc. is a firm based out of Seattle, Washington. The King County firm is cooperating with the voluntary recall after discovering undeclared milk and milk products within the recalled product. When food with dairy based ingredients are consumed by people, who are allergic to dairy products, or have a high sensitivity to dairy, the food can cause serious, or life-threatening, allergic reactions. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) www.fda.gov is an agency under the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA is responsible for maintaining the safety of cosmetics, veterinary products, medical devices, blood products, drugs, vaccines, dietary supplements, and foods.

The following items are under federal recall:

-Clear 16 oz. Solena Tortilla Chips with a red, white, and green Solena label, bearing a “JUN 03 09” code date on the top right-hand corner of the bag.

The recalled tortilla chips were distributed to Washington and Oregon retailers and food service outlets. One illness related to the recalled items has been reported. Consumers, who have become ill after consuming the recalled product, should seek medical attention. Consumers should cease consumption of the previously identified recalled tortilla chips. A full refund is available at the place of purchase. Questions can be directed to the Seattle firm at 206-763-1488. Consumers who have been injured due to recalled items may be entitled to compensation for their damages. Contact a Washington product liability lawyer for further assistance.

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