Developing Personal Brands for Personal Injury Attorneys

/ Quinlan/ 07/13/2009
Most personal injury law firms are already aware of the necessity to build and maintain a powerful brand online.  Some are beginning to realize that building a personal brand for the individual members of the firm can be highly effective in helping to turn web prospects into conversions.  Anytime that you can make the web experience more personal for an injured consumer, you make the decision to contact you that much easier.  To a large extent clients hire the attorneys, not the firm.

There is no question that the greater your presence on page one of the search engines, the greater the credibility attributed to your brand.  The greater the number of highly ranked results for the attorneys in your firm, the more supportive their individual brands are for the parent brand, your firm.  Having dominance in the top ten search results that include profiles, news media mentions and videos is more than just an ego boost.

Some of the tools that can be easily put to use to build a brand for firm members are not complicated.  Social media provide great opportunities to be seen in a positive light on the web.  Blogging or creation of online news/commentary for web release can create a favorable profile for your personal brand, as you develop into an authority on topics relevant to your clients’ needs.

YouTube is also a great venue for providing additional information about individual attorneys within your practice and for building a strong reputation with searchers who are searching for more in-depth info on an attorney or the firm.  By uploading and optimizing video on topics that address the frequently asked questions posed by new clients entering the legal process, you can elevate your personal brand in the minds of searchers.

Although LinkedIn may not be where you might guess that most of your current clientele would be browsing, having your career history in a public profile on business-networking sites provide additional opportunities for your name to appear on a search.  That is especially true for a direct search for your name, when a potential client is digging deeper in their decision making process.

A comprehensive personal branding strategy can be developed for attorneys in your firm using the above-mentioned social media and more.  For more information on online brand development or Smart News Technology, contact Kevin Quinlan Phone: 561.346.2556