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Camden chocolate factory worker falls in chocolate vat and drowns.

New York, NY–On Wednesday, a New Jersey man tragically died while working at the Cocoa Services, Inc., plant in Camden, New Jersey, as reported by Reuters. Camden County police officials state the 29-year-old man identified as Vincent Smith II, of Camden, fell into an 8-foot deep vat of hot melted chocolate while he was dumping in solid pieces of chocolate to be melted inside the vat. The man was killed when the agitator, which is used to melt and mix the chocolate, struck the man in the head. Accident investigators believe he was killed instantly when he was hit in the head. Smith was reportedly a temporary employee of the chocolate factory at the time of the fatal accident.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers, through state and federal laws, to ensure the safety of all workplaces, job sites, and employees. OSHA is expected to conduct a full safety inspection at the Cocoa Services plant to ensure that all safety precautions were implemented. OSHA regulators will also investigate to determine all federal and state guidelines were followed to prevent accidents and injuries from affecting employees, workers, and temporary contractor laborers. The outcome of a full safety inspection will determine if the plant and its owners will be held liable for the fatal accident.

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