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/ Quinlan/ 06/04/2009
The only thing worse than an ugly web site is a pretty web site that no one can find.  What causes web sites to be invisible to the search engines?  Among other characteristics, poorly constructed architecture can cause a web site to be less than inviting to the search engine spiders that crawl through the site to evaluate content for semantic indexing.  The content must also be key word rich for the terms that your potential clients would be searching for. specializes in creating search engine friendly web sites and search engine optimization for law firms.

As the search engine algorithms have evolved and the Internet has become cluttered with thousands of similar competing sites, only the most well constructed and optimized sites will appear prominently on the first page of search results.  Once the site achieves high rankings it must also be user friendly and easy to navigate so that unique visitors spend enough time on your site to find the answers to their legal questions and draw the conclusion that your law firm is the right fit for their legal needs.

When a site has been correctly optimized using Google design, content and quality guidelines, the site is designed with your users’ in mind rather than strictly to boost search results artificially.  Almost everyone has had the frustrating experience of searching for a specific topic and landing on an irrelevant page.  Sites that ethically comply with the guidelines offer potential clients the most useful content and provide an experience that helps convert prospects into clients for your law firm.

This boutique lawyer web design firm  provides its clients with unique website design and custom-crafted practice area specific keyword rich content. also features proprietary newsroom software platforms that release optimized press releases and articles that assist in natural link building and improve page ranking by providing tempting link bait.

Whether your practice includes personal injury law, family law, product or pharmaceutical liability, your web site can achieve high page ranking and help grow your practice.

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