Joseph L. Bruno – Former New York State Senate majority leader indicted for stealing millions! top news stories for New York lawyers and consumers

New York, NY (–Breaking news: Joseph L. Bruno, former New York State Senate majority leader was indicted Friday by federal prosecutors in Albany. The New York Times just reported the acting United States attorney out of Syracuse, Andrew T. Baxter presented before the federal judge in Albany today alleging Bruno collected more than $3 million over 13 years in illegal bribes. Accusations in court documents claim since 1993, Bruno accepted money from several businessmen seeking state contracts and grants, plus pension fund managers seeking control over the pension fund investments of over 16 labor unions.

Bruno, 79, Republican from Albany, who stepped down last year from his New York Senate position, pled not guilty in federal court today with his defense attorney. Bruno was released without bail Friday afternoon. Federal prosecutors are maintaining their belief in the 8 count indictment handed down by a federal grand jury. Bruno is charged with crimes depriving citizens of honest services from their elected officials under anti-corruption laws. top news stories for New York lawyers

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