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California parents of teen girl shot by Huntington Beach police officers settle lawsuit.–Two Huntington Beach police officers shot and killed 18 year-old Ashley MacDonald in 2006. Ashley’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking $40 million in compensatory and punitive damages for each parent reports the Los Angeles Times. The Orange County Sheriffs Department and the district attorney’s office cleared the officers citing they were forced to make a split second decision in fear of their lives.

Apparently Ashley was high and intoxicated on the night she was shot. She had an altercation with both of her parents and assaulted them with a 4-inch knife. Later on in that night she was spotted in a park with the knife when officers received reports form a 911 call about a woman with a knife. The officers responded and when confronted Ashley, demanding her to put down her weapon she charged them. She was shot 15 times by the officers and died within eight feet of the firing squad.

The L.A. Times reported lawyers for the family wanted to avoid a court battle. The death of their daughter has been painful enough.

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