Chinese dairy producer pleads guilty for 6 tainted baby formula deaths

Former chairwoman of China’s biggest dairy producer pled guilty today for Melamine tampering. Former Chinese executive guilty of 6 kid deaths and 300,000 injuries.

December 31, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL (–Justice tainted milk news reporters and Palm Beach County food injury lawyers alert a former Sanlu executive in China pled guilty on Wednesday. Tian, the former Sanlu executive, pled guilty saying she knew the company was selling contaminated formula by May 2008, but did not report the problem to local government officials until August 2008. Court documents further state consumer complaints about Sanlu’s milk came in as early as December 2007. The plea came on the first day of a trial which involves three other Sanlu executives. Sanlu is one of China’s largest dairy producers.

Justice tainted dairy products news reporters and West Palm Beach food injury attorneys have been reporting on the dairy recalls, alerts, injuries and deaths scandal since they began earlier this year. The tainted milk sickened over 300,000 children and killed 6 others. Melamine is known to be highly toxic and causes kidney failure, especially in infants and children. The scandal, which follows others in China’s food and drug industries, has caused international recalls of milk and dairy products produced in China. Dairy executives in China knowingly used Melamine, a toxic chemical, to falsely raise its protein count to increase sales and use by consumers in the U.S. And internationally.

Justice child safety advocates along with Palm Beach food injury legal experts say a company may be held responsible if their products cause illness, injury or death. When a company knowingly taints products with toxic chemicals to increase corporate profits they must be held accountable. Harming U.S. consumers to gain profits cannot be tolerated. If you or someone you know has been injured by tainted food or mild contact an attorney who specializes in product liability litigation.

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