Follow the Money In Florida: After The Madoff Explosion

/West Palm Beach Injury Lawyers Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A./Gary Roberts, Esq/ 12/23/2008
Other attorneys and their clients are once again calling experienced Palm Beach Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer Gary W. Roberts seeking his advice on unique litigation theories and skills to collect lost investment funds from responsible third parties from whom recovery may be viable, all as a result of the recent

Madoff expose. CPA’s, family and foundation attorneys, various levels of financial advisors and charity Board directors are among those potentially liable, Roberts said.

Florida law and legal loss recovery theories developed from the Resolution Trust Corporation litigation decades ago appear applicable here, with aggressive legal representation for those who suffered staggering financial loss being the key. Individuals who privately profited by merely introducing Madoff to their well-off friends, now stand to be target defendants themselves when their former friends seek back their lost fortunes.

“Whether various private and professional liability insurance carriers will also cover these transgressions will likely in part be due to creative lawyers anxious to move forward with litigation and who can open up innovative and effective warfare against culpable third parties”, remarked Gary Roberts, Esq. experienced Florida Civil trial lawyer.

By: Gary Roberts, Esq

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