Dallas Attorney Brian Eberstein on Texas highway safety

Texas personal injury lawyer, Eberstein, with the Dallas law firm of Eberstein & Witherite, comments on highway safety. Two tractor-trailer drivers die after collision on Highway 281 south.

Experienced Dallas truck wreck accident attorney, Eberstein, states Texas roadways are highly trafficked by tractor-trailers and semi-trucks every day. Unfortunately, drivers and passengers are seriously injured daily on Texan highways. Two tractor-trailer drivers were pronounced dead last Monday morning on U.S. Highway 281 South. The reported fatal accident occurred 10 miles south of Mineral Falls when the trucks collided head-on. The Texas Highway Patrol (THP), a division of the Texas Department of Public Safety, closed U.S. 281 in both directions. The Mineral Wells Volunteer Fire Department worked tirelessly to remove the two mortally injured drivers from the cabs of their mangled trucks.

Dallas highway safety advocate attorney, Brian Eberstein, suggests the following to all drivers using the Texas roadways:

-Follow the posted speed limits
-Wear your seat belts
-Adjust your speed to the current weather conditions
-Report all emergency and life threatening events to 911
-Report all non-emergency roadway issues to *DHP on your cellular

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