CEPAC – CEO and head of lawyer marketing firm, Kevin Quinlan, recently attended Mass Tort Made Perfect. The event which was held in Las Vegas and hosted by leading trial attorney Mike Papantonio, of Levin, Papantoio and John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan (A national personal injury law firm with offices in Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi).Prominent personal injury attorneys of Florida Injury Law Firm – Rue & Ziffra, Jerry Parker of Parker Waichman, from New York, and Wayne Wright of, Wayne Wright Injury Lawyer, from Texas were in attendance just to name a few.

Mike Papantonio stated at the opening address, for Mass Torts Made Perfect, ” that attorneys need to invest more in themselves“.

In a phone interview with legal news reporter Quinlan stated, “that this choice will always yield a far better return for them, than investing elsewhere. It has not been made more clear now since Wall Street plunged,” which is somewhat the business barometer of the U.S. economy, everyone is looking for a change in America.

Quinlan speculates that even hard line republicans are shifting, as indicated by Republican Colin Powell’s endorsement of Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama.

In regards to the current presidential race, Quinlan adds “Do you get the picture? Americans have only 1 choice who they select as the president of the United States, but the choice they make will have to be dealt with for 4 years. Democrats or Republicans? America needs to choose. Choices are consequences that need to be thoroughly vetted.”

By: Heather Ryan legal news correspondent with JusticeNewsFlash an online legal press distribution service