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Leading Palm Beach personal injury attorney Gary Roberts writes -perc-disc surgery, percutaneous discectomy, percutaneous disc decompression, disc-nucleoplasty performed by doctors and specialists.

Florida board certified civil trial lawyer explains patients injured in a work accident or a car crash, often suffer spinal cord trauma to the neck or lower back. Various treatments may include prescriptions for pain relievers, muscle relaxants and physical therapy. However, a relatively new and expensive procedure, including costly new surgical instrumentation has evolved with questionable effectiveness. Minimally invasive spinal surgery, which normally requires no hospitalization, may benefit the patient and ALWAYS benefits the surgeon, is currently under close scrutiny.

Gary Roberts, a south Florida attorney explains, that an initial study published in SPINE by Dr. Chen,* on a small (4 patient) group, who were subjected to Nucleoplasty, reported a rapid and prolonged pain relief. Medical equipment companies used this study in their marketing effort directed to medical professionals. This study group was too small to conclude and support more use of perc disc type surgeries, especially since there are currently more nationally accepted and less costly pain management procedures.

Gary Roberts, an experienced West Palm Beach litigator sadly states there are future insurance and job issues for the patient once one of these spinal surgeries are used as treatment. The uninformed patient has no idea of what the future really holds for him and for his family medically or financially once these minimally invasive procedures are rightly or wrongly performed.

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Legal news reporter Heather L. Ryan, specializing in medical malpractice claims for JusticeNewsFlash a legal news distribution network covering stories relating to car wreck lawsuits, tractor-trailer crashes and personal injury claims.

*Y. Chen, S. Lee, D. Chen, “Intradiscal Pressure Study of Percutaneous Disc Decompression with Neucloplasty in Human Cadavers”, SPINE Vol 28, No 7, pp 661-665. 2003

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