South Florida Spinal Injury Lawyer on perc disc-Are surgeons influenced by higher profits?

West Palm Beach personal injury attorney, Gary Roberts, expresses concern with percutaneous disc decompression surgery. Are surgeons influenced by higher profits gained by performing this procedure?

Experienced South Florida personal injury law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates, P.A. states many victims, of car crashes, truck accidents and work place incidents, sustain neck and back injuries. They need straightforward medical advice and guidance. They need a physician who assists them in alleviating their spinal cord pain and nerve damage. Percutaneous disc decompression surgery (perc disc), a controversial “minimally invasive procedure,” is raising many questions amongst the medical and legal community.

Veteran West Palm Beach, Florida, personal injury lawyer, Gary Roberts, says the minimally invasive treatment option, known as Percutaneous Disc Decompression (perc disc) has become highly popular since the first patient was treated. Thousands of patients treated world wide to date may be linked to the recent marketing and popularity of this procedure. This marketing strategy has presented new challenges and conflicts possibly threatening the injured person’s outcome medically and financially. Doctors who are using perc disc surgeries to treat a large percentage of their back injury patients are raising serious ethical questions within the health community. Many medical and legal experts are questioning why the same patients repeatedly need the same “minimally invasive” procedure.

Leading personal injury litigator, Gary Roberts, claims companies manufacturing specific perc disc operating room instruments are directly educating the surgeon on the financial benefits of using this surgery. One company is suspected of teaching doctors how to deal with the financial interests of the lawyers as well.

The law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates, known for their aggressive representation of victim’s rights, addresses the real tragedy within all the marketing and financial gains. Car accident victims and employees injured on the job are simply seeking treatment for their spinal injuries. Unfortunately, medical and legal experts are seeing doctors earn money on the backs of their patients using this “minimally invasive” procedure otherwise known as percutaneous disc decompression.

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